Can you install my new attic ladder? How long does it take?

Whilst Attic Ladder Warehouse do not offer installation directly, we can certainly refer you to one of our recommended, specialist installers.

What’s the best place to put my new attic ladder?

Every roof is different, however we always recommend to ensure you position your ladder so that you walk up into the highest points of the roof, thus giving good head clearance as you step off. If you are unsure- please send us your address as well as a few photos of your desired location and we can advise if suitable. You should always consider any pipes and cables which may be in the way or require relocating/extending.

If I purchase an attic ladder only, can I install it myself?

Of course. All of our attic ladders are DIY friendly and come fully assembled. The package also includes clear installation instructions. We recommend that you have had a little bit of experience with working with timber and have considered the right ladder for your home, including they type of roof you have (i.e. truss or conventional) and your floor to ceiling height.

Do you have any ladders for commercial projects?

Yes, we have a range of ladders suitable for commercial applications.

Which attic ladder is right for me?

When choosing your attic ladder you should always take into consideration the following:

  • How often will you use the ladder?
  • What will you be using the ladder for?
  • What load rating should your ladder be (how much will you be carrying at any one time)
  • What is your climbing ability? (i.e. will you need an easy incline ladder with extra hand rails?)
  • What is your floor to ceiling height?
  • Is your roof a truss or conventional construction (if you are unsure, please speak to a member of the team)
  • What is your budget?
  • Take note of the foldout and standout measurements to ensure you have the required space to open and operate.

I’ve got a truss roof. Can I still install an attic ladder?

We have a range of attic ladders specifically designed for truss roofs. Please speak to one of the team if you are unsure!